Pieter's story - the recipient

In December 2004 after months of consideration and planning Lizelle and I decided to leave for London.  An exciting time awaited us exploring new places around the world but also provided us with the opportunity to progress our careers in London. After a few years in London I unfortunately became unwell one cold winter which identified signs of severe high blood pressure and eventually kidney failure. Being far away from loved ones we had to make a decision to stay in London or return to South Africa, we decided to stay after considering opinions from various medical specialists and the support of our family visiting us here in London.

It was a very difficult and emotional time spending countless hours in hospitals while considering treatment options to a point where I would no longer be able to continue without treatment. I also clearly remember the day I sat on the bed in our apartment thinking that I needed to make a decision between dialysis and if I really want to continue my life on this basis. It was a very easy decision as I knew I had Lizelle by my side that I love so very much and that I would do anything for us. Within a few months I had to start dialysis and realised that is a matter of start living or start dying. This unfortunate hand that we have been dealt has brought our lives to a standstill having to consider so many things which people take for granted but also make us realise just to enjoy every single day to the fullest which we are so grateful for. 

As we say our friends here in London really become our family which has provided us with love and support during distressed times and then you meet people such as Natasja and John which make the world a better place. As described by John we just had such a wonderful evening together the first time we met and then we were totally overwhelmed and shocked by his unselfish offer to not only offer me his kidney but give me a chance to a new life!

It is the morning after a wonderful evening together with Natasja and John having interesting conversations and amazed by our similarities in character and personality (as described by John it seems like we could have been brothers). Literally as I lift my head from the pillow a message from John came through thanking us for the evening and then his amazing and overwhelming offer of a new life from someone I have just met.

This has been such a wonderful week for us; just the thought of a possible outcome has given us so much happiness and hope that this would be the answer to our prayers. This kidney is a visible sign that there are still amazing people in this world that cares and John’s decision to make such an unselfish decision will forever echo through eternity which no one could ever take away from him – thank you John & Natasja!

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