Friday, 7 December 2012

My first check-up

The donor's first check-up is usually a week after the operation, but because I was feeling poorly for the first, week I wanted to wait until I was well enough to make the 90 minute journey to the hospital by train. So I went back ten days after the operation. Natasja came with to make sure I was okay and to keep me company. She even kept some food, sweets and water in her handbag just in case I needed it.

When I arrived at the hospital I checked-in at reception and asked for Sister Lilly, who in turn referred me to Dr. Hector, the surgeon who looked after Pieter. He had a look at the wounds and took my blood pressure, and was very satisfied with my progress, saying everything look extremely good. He told me again how proud he was of me for my sacrifice, by not only saving Pieter's life, but also prolonging it. It's was so nice to hear how much Dr. Hector cared for the health and well being of Pieter, and that he understands everything that the donor goes through to make such a sacrifice. I reiterated again how grateful I am for being in a position to make such a donation to Pieter, and that I would gladly do it again. He also felt that now that we've paved the way for Directed Altruistic Donations, more living donors may come forward.

After my check-up Natasja and I visited Pieter, Lizelle and mom Marietjie. Lizelle was kind enough to drive us to and from the station as by then it was freezing cold and I had done more walking than I should have in one day.

It was amazing to see the transformation in Pieter in only a week since I last saw him! His skin colour was back to normal, he looked healthy and energised, like he just returned from holiday! It brought tears to my eyes. They were all so happy and in such good spirit, which was wonderful to see.

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  1. Ahh, how happy you all look :D Such a beautiful blessing and at this time of year, it is leant even more meaning to all you have been through - what you all have been through :) I look forward to hearing of both your & Pieter's continued good health :D