Sunday, 19 August 2012

The right information at the right time

They say with age comes wisdom, it teaches you to appreciate and understand the process of life. It's wonderful to be able to witness and appreciate how God / the Universe works.

When I had blood taken for the last tests, my blood pressure was taken, and I was told it was a little high. Nothing to be concerned about, but worth doing something about to ensure it doesn't increase more.

Earlier in the week I had a sudden craving for cinnamon. I kept thinking about pancakes with cinnamon. So I finally gave in and had a glass of soya milk and sprinkled cinnamon on top.

Speaking to Pieter yesterday, I mentioned my blood pressure and asked him for suggestion on how to get it down and keep it down. And guess what is a very effective natural way of doing it? Cinnamon!

Wait there's more! Two weeks ago a colleague at work told me about a documentary he'd seen on the telly about the effect protein has on the human body. I was so intrigued Natasja and I decided to watch it. In short, scientist have discovered that a high protein diet fuels the body and puts it in a state of high performance. It's good for short lengths when you need the energy for physical activities or excercise, but its like driving your car at high revs the whole time. It gives you speed and performance, but damages the engine in the long run.

The effects of the protein puts the whole body and cells under pressure, stopping it from relaxing. Cells under constant strain die or become cancerous. It's in the relaxed state that the body heals and creates new cells.

So Natasja and I decided to follow the advice of the program and started a diet in which we have protein only every second day. On the days we don't have protein we have salad, meal replacements and some carbs.

In another conversation with Pieter yesterday he told me how much strain protein puts on our kidneys. He can only have red meat occasionally or else he feels ill due to its high protein content. He suggested that after the operation when I only have one kidney I refrain from eating too much protein. I then told hom about the documentary we saw!

Isn't it amazing how God provides us with just the right information just at the right time for any situation? The trick is to be open and aware enough to notice the signs and opportunities and to use them.

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