Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Kidney function passed with distinction!

It's been exactly a week since my kidney function tests, so I phoned the hospital at 09:05 as not to seem too eager. To my surprise Sister Lilly answered the phone, who has been on sick leave ever since my very first telephone conversation about the proposed donation. Welcome back Lilly!

Lilly didn't have the results at hand, but phoned me about an hour later to tell me the good news - I have 84% kidney function!! The minimum required before a transplant will be made is 80%. Truth be told on the day of the tests I was only allowed a very light protein lunch, instead I had two lovely sandwiches, one filled with chicken, the other a BLT! I forgot to mention the restrictions to Natasja, so when she arrived with them I was far too hungry to say no. So for all I know I have a higher function! But at least I know worst case is 84%.

What wonderful news! It's so nice to pass one test after the other, with the final goal of getting Pieter healthy getting closer by the day.

The next step is a meeting with the Nephrologist to discuss the results, which has been booked for 20 September 2012, although I asked Lilly to slot us in earlier should there be a cancellation. After that, it will be the CT-Scan.

But first, more celebrations this weekend!

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