Friday, 28 September 2012

HTA Meeting

Shortly after our meeting with the surgeon, we had our meeting with Dr. Matthew Buckland, the Independant Consultant for the Human Tissue Authority (HTA).

I was seen first, then Pieter, then both of us together. The point of the interview was to ensure I knew exactly what I was signing up for, what the risks and procedures are of being a living donor and that I wasn't coerced or reimbursed. I also had to provide my passport as proof if identity. The meeting was very long but thorough, and I'm glad that these checks are in place to keep the process legitimate.

While Pieter had his interview I typed the previous post and let my family know about the good news. I was too excited to wait!

After about 40 minutes Matthew returned for me. He told us he was happy with our stories and motivation, but because I offered the donation to Pieter at the very start of our friendship, and the bond grew strong because of it, the donation will be classed as Altruistic instead of friendship. Altruistic kidney donations means to donate to a stranger or to the hospital who then give it to someone on the donors list.

I don't think this will be an issue, the only difference is that the final decision will be made by a panel of independant consultants, instead of just one. We are confident this will be agreed within a week or two.

Pieter also had some blood taken to test the level of immune suppressant in his system. This level will determine exactly how long before the operation can take place, and will be discussed in a meeting on Monday 1 Oct. 2012 by the Renal team.

Apart from the longer than expected wait, we're extremely happy and relieved to have been given the all-clear by the surgeon.

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  1. A bit of breath holding on Monday then, but I'm sure that by now, that meeting is simply a formality :)