Friday, 21 December 2012

Recovery after the operation

After the operation I could immediately feel an underlying energy that has just grown as each day went by, by the second day I was already out of the bed sitting in the chair. It is just impossible to describe the feeling of gratitude and happiness, not even mentioning the smile on my face, but I was smiling from inside if any of that make sense. I briefly saw John the following day but he had to return to his room as he was suddenly feeling unwell from all the anaesthetics and needed to rest. A couple of difficult days for John but after a few days John was back to his old self and it was so good to see him well again.

My energy has returned and things seemed so much clearer feeling if I've awakened after being stuck in a bad dream for many years. My biggest frustration at this point was the catheter only to be removed after 5 days. It restricted my movement and was extremely uncomfortable but as soon as it was removed I felt like a new man and within a few minutes I covered up the wound and was in the shower, finally getting out of the dreaded hospital gown into my own clothes, what a wonderful feeling of relief. I was ready to go home on Monday the third of December but the Doctors decided to keep me another day for observation just to make sure that my creatinine levels came down (indication of kidney function) after some elevated levels (200-210) over the weekend. Feeling agitated by a possible biopsy, volatile blood pressure and the increased creatinine levels I just wanted to go home and have a good rest in my own bed which I was sure would calm me down and ensure my recovery. On Tuesday I was happy to hear that my creatinine level came down (180) and we all agreed that it was time to go home. I would anyway be closely monitored by the Renal team 3 times a week ( Mon; Wed; Fri) which would ensure quick action if any issues are identified. I'm very happy to report that since my return home my blood pressure has come down and my creatinine levels have stabilised around the 130 level. Some further medication adjustments are now being applied which I'm confident will reduce my creatinine levels even further. 

John and Natasja already came to visit us at home wishing my Mom a safe journey back to South Africa which also gave us a great opportunity to catch-up and talk about our experience. I just can't explain how much better I feel only after a couple of weeks but are also reminded to take things slow, sometimes a bit difficult with all of my new acquired energy so generously "donated" by John!

Furthermore I'm recovering at home, a day at a time with Lizelle by my side, supporting me and we all are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas!


Creatinine Levels:
  • 03.12.12 - 185
  • 04.12.12 - 180
  • 05.12.12 - 157  (After first day at home)
  • 07.12.12 - 140
  • 10.12.12 - 132
  • 12.12.12 - 134
  • 14.12.12 - 128
  • 14.12.12 - 135
  • 17.12 12 - 128
  • 19.12.12 - 136
  • 21.12.12 - 137
Average            136 since 05.12.12 - 21.12.12
Normal (Men)    60 - 110
My Goal            100 - 120


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