Thursday, 20 September 2012

Confirmation of results

What seemed to be a long time has suddenly arrived and today we are all going to see the Renal Consultant to review our final results. We are not expecting any significant news as we have all been doing a lot of research and finding answers to our questions up to now.

We were looking forward meeting John and Natasja and arrived just before 13:00 where the two of them were already waiting. As always it was good to catch-up and share our excitement on the progress being made. Unfortunately we were waiting for a while before we saw Dr. Ravi but as always had lot to talk about and also looking forward to our Spur event afterwards.

While we were waiting Sister Lilly also came to introduce herself to John and Natasja and was good to see her again. She briefly explained what can be expected for today and also confirmed the next steps. Sister Lilly has already arranged for us to see the Surgeons next week Friday, 28th September which will go into the finer details of the operation and would confirm at least a tentative date for our operation. Sister Lilly also informed us of the independent consultant review from the HTA and would aim to schedule this for the same day in order to save us some time and before John leave for holiday on Friday evening - wonderful!

John and Natasja were seen first by Dr. Ravi and before we knew it they were back happy to confirm that all went well. Lizelle and I were next and Dr. Ravi confirmed that the results are all in order (all negative results) and also had a quick check-up. We further discussed recovery period and also the type of medication that I had to take for the rest of my life. Furthermore Dr. Ravi scheduled some further test for me just to confirm that all is in order. I managed to go for the X-Ray while John was attending to his procedures and also have an ECG and stress test scheduled for Friday morning at 9:00am before we see the Surgeons etc.

By now all our stomachs were growling and I was very happy to see that John, Natasja and Lizelle were waiting as I exited the X-Ray room. We were looking forward to getting to the Spur were we could have a wonderful evening and discuss the day’s events further.

As we arrived at Spur and heard that they had an eat as much as you like Ribs event we were convinced that Spur would probably incur a loss after all four of us decided to go for the special. We concluded after a wonderful evening of company and full stomachs heading back home.

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