Thursday, 16 August 2012

a Supernatural event!

Already back in our daily routine of stumbling out of bed at 7:00 then going to work and leaving again at 17:00 on Mon; Wed and Fri's for my dialysis session and then finally arriving home around 23:00. Always looking forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays when I tend to work a bit late to catch-up with some work and then going home to Lizelle. However one very special date I keep on reminding myself about is off course the 22nd August when John and I should receive our cross match results. I'm almost like a little boy looking at the calendar every single morning just to see if it is the 25th of December... Christmas morning time to open the presents.

Arriving at work this morning it seemed like I have either misplaced ; lost or forgot my mobile phone at home, very frustration as Lizelle and I always keep in touch during the day with messages and phone calls when we have a moment. It's a busy day and my work phone has been ringing the whole day but then I receive an unexpected call from John on my work phone? Almost fell off my chair when I heard his voice and a bit surprised to hear from him on my work phone but then obviously realised that I don't have my mobile phone on me.

John has been trying to get hold of me for most of the day, sending messages to Lizelle and eventually getting hold of an alternative way to get hold of me - how determined and motivated not giving up until he got hold of me! So John asks - "Pieter are you sitting down?" and then the miracle occurred - we have a negative cross match which initially sounds a bit confusing but is the best news we could get which means that we are compatible and that my body would not reject his kidney!!! Wow and people say miracles does not happen anymore. Just think back of the events that occurred, how we met through our wife’s friendships which just one day decided to get back together again for no specific reason, our wonderful meal in London and then again dinner at our place and then John's unselfish offer to give us back our lives!!! Thank you Lizelle and Natasja for arranging that dinner. There is no words that can express our gratitude for John's unselfish decision but as I said this supernatural event will echo through eternity.

Leaving the office just before 19:30 heading back home looking forward celebrating the wonderful news with Lizelle; I think it was then that John informed me that he has already booked his final test to determine the function of his kidneys - I'm speechless!!!

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  1. Wow - good job you were sitting down. Fantastic news! :0)